Homigalli - Story & Concept

Our Story

Previously textile engineer at Lacoste and buyer at Petit Bateau, our curiosity about fast-fashion prevailed over time. Therefore, we decided to go on an adventure in Bangladesh to discover the hidden face of the textile industry. The reality was tough enough to face: constant decrease of prices driven by multinationals, disastrous consequences on the environment, increasing social inequalities, unhealthy working conditions... Despite these working observations, we gained an unforgettable human experience thanks to many encounters, full of simplicity and joie de vivre.


After our return, we devoted ourselves on building a design that carries the values, in which we believe and want to convey.


A brand defending good quality, high ethical standards, and respect for the environment: HOMIGALLI.


HOMIGALLI is the contraction of the Latin hominis (man) and gallia (historical name for France), in tribute to French People.


Margaux Martin & Sébastien Reverdiau


Here in Bangladesh with our rickshaw "driver" Akther, certainly one of our most beautiful encounters.

The Concept

A Different Design

The brand offers a new interpretation of the great basics of the wardrobe with different cuts, styles and materials. Timeless styles, refined and classy, that dress a simple outfit. The styles are made from unique patterns, studied for more than 6 months. Many prototypes have been designed to offer pieces that highlight anyone's body. The collections are inspired by French women and men of multiple origins, whose artistic, scientific and cultural heritage radiates throughout the world.

Limited Editions

Each style is coming in limited editions of 100 numbered copies. More limited editions of different colors and materials will be available.