Homigalli - Care Instructions

All our items have a care label with recommendations regarding the washing and care of the product, indicated by our fabrics suppliers. After several quality tests, we add some additional recommendations so that your products will last in time.


We advise you not to exceed the temperature of 30° for machine washing. In order to preserve the brightness of the colors, it is better to wash the t-shirts on the reverse side, except for the sweat fabric. Spin drying should be very low, or non-existent for cotton fabrics, to prevent the t-shirt from shrinking. In all cases, NEVER use a dryer.


As for ironing, an average temperature will be ample enough. Please do not iron on the patterns, such as the logo, made by silkscreen or transfer, so that it does not deform.


If the product is made of recycled material, we advise you to pay a special attention to it and wash it by hand. Because recycled fibers are naturally shorter than non-recycled materials, they are more likely to break.


For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us here!