HOMIGALLI - 100% Secured Payment

By Credit Card

Credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are provided by Stripe, a platform for online payment for individuals and professionals. Payments are in accordance with PCI-DSS rules. To improve security, no sensitive data reaches our servers.

In addition, the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure ("https" in the url field of the payment page) guarantees the confidentiality of your financial data sent and received by the server.

By Paypal

You can also make your payment via your Paypal account so that you do not have to enter your bank account details for each online purchase. You pay directly online with your Paypal e-mail and password. Paypal registers and protects your banking details when opening your account and does not disclose it to any website.

You also have the option to pay via Paypal by Credit Card, without having a Paypal account.